Simple Update

November 18, 2010

WOW!!! I cant believe how long it has been since I posted. Life seems to be flying by.

So many changes have taken place recently and although I have endured the saddest season of my earthly existence, with the loss of my Sister, life is certainly back on the up and up.  I’m super excited to see where this new chapter I have begun writing will take me. Love, family and faith are strong right now. Details to follow……xoxo


Just another Friday Night

January 23, 2010

I went for a staggering run this morning all the while being serenaded by Adam Levine and his band of merry men. Certainly a favorite of mine. I really pushed myself to the limit with extra long strides and doing my best to not slow to any sort of jog. It was a lovely, gnarly jaunt and I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of salt in my mouth and the sting of sweat burning my eyes.

Last night I hooked up with a few of the favs for happy hour, some late night Mexican and a Wii tourney. Laurie was particularly on point with her sword fighting abilities and hysterically unusual form. Check it out….

Kitty gets low

Rick thinks he was robbed

going to take Rick down w/ the infamous crow

but he blocks me & wins the battle (this time)

In a Nut Shell

January 19, 2010

It’s been a while so I will just sum up the past few months:  Birthdays were great! Holidays were great!

We had a huge shin dig for Liam and turned the house into a candy store. I think this picture saves me 1,000 words:

I took a quick trip to Miami with a girlfriend to celebrate my anniversary of life and we had a blast. Bikinis by day; four inch stilettos by night.

Dellano Divas

the Amazing Versace Mansion

How to top it next year?

My Steady Monday Night Date

September 9, 2009

Little Baby RJ

Liam’s First Piano Lesson

September 9, 2009

FirstGrade 004

Day One of First

August 24, 2009

EEEK!!!!! I officially have a FIRST GRADER. How in the world did this sneak up on me so fast?

Yep, tears were shed.

Dear Son…..please don’t grow up on me too fast……

walking up to school

walking up to school

outside his classroom

outside his classroom

he found his cubby & took off

he found his cubby & took off

Liam did wonderful. He was nervous until we entered the classroom and he saw his old friend, Jacob. The boys ran off without saying good bye. His first words when he jumped off the bus this afternoon was “Mom, I can already read AND write  better. First grade is going to be great”.  ::sniffle. sniffle::   Yes, son, it is.

Last Splash

August 24, 2009

My sister and I took the kids down to Animal Kingdom for some last bit of summer break fun. Although, I was hesitant about visiting that particular park, we all had a blast. The rain came down on us in buckets at times but I rather enjoyed schlepping around the park soaked. Here are some highlights. made of bongos.... made of bongos....

animalkingdon09 046

I fell in love with the Africian upside down tree

I fell in love with the Africian upside down tree

light weights

light weights

Mid July

July 28, 2009

I finally bought a new camera and was able to upload pics…enjoy!

...nothing like a good chicken fight....

...nothing like a good chicken fight....

...great friends...

...great friends...

…and sweet baby RJ…

A New Day

July 22, 2009

My mind is a bit tired and all over the over the place so, please bear with me.
This past week has been draining for me. A recent unexpected disappointment led me to some soul searching and a change of my mental venue. I spent the weekend in a very exhausted state of mind, and with the exception of dinner and a movie Saturday night; I did not leave the couch. I guess I have been full steam ahead for some time now and it was bound to catch up with me.

I have placed my focus back on work. The J.O.B. reached the point where things were just stale. I was no longer being challenged (for a while now) and things became too repetitive. I was living groundhog day…

Last week I was given the opportunity of learning a new system and working on a different piece of the process than I typically do. I was also presented with the challenge of taking on a new client. I accepted.

This new adventure led to me spending the last two days in the office; something I haven’t done in two years. The experience has me feeling rejuvenated and hopeful of my career future and excited about work again.
Focus on work. Focus on Liam. That is today’s plan.

AUBZ (2)who’s that weird dude in the background? :)~